Tooth Whitening without Acids!

E-Rinse White

For Internal Bleaching & Tooth Whitening

- To aid in whitening the tooth for use in RCT

- Neutral-Basic pH

- Not an acid

- Not peroxide

- Created by an Endodontist

- Made in the USA

- For Professional Use Only

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Ada Code Information

ADA Dental Code: D9974.

  • Flag Internal bleaching - per tooth - performed in office.
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Procedure Code* Description Avg Fee Range
D9974 Internal bleaching - per tooth - performed in office. $232.83* $100.10 - $395 Per Tooth
*2013 ADA Survery of Dental Fees
Tooth Whitening


Directions of Use In the Start of the RCT Procedure and for Vital Cases:

  • Rubber dam isolation of the tooth;
  • Assess the color change in hue from exterior and from inside;
  • Place 1-2 drops of E-Rinse White in a clean dappen dish;
  • Saturate cotton pellet or cotton applicator;
  • Squeeze out the liquid onto the floor and walls unti fully wettened;
  • For at least 2 minutes, allow E-Rinse White to soak and be absorbed by floor and walls;
  • Rinse with saline or 3% Hydrogen peroxide as directed as follows:

Rinse with 3% Hydrogen Peroxide

  • Place 3% hydrogen peroxide generously into the pulpal chamber and wetting the dentinal walls,
  • At doctor’s discretion, apply blue LED light for 1.5 – 2 minutes on the solution mixture,
  • Rinse with H2O2 and repeat the pattern as needed until achieve the desired result.

Directions for use in Non-Vital Cases after RCT:

  1. Remove Gutta percha to just below the gingival margin,
  2. Cover and seal gutta percha with a thick layer of cement / cavit,
  3. Repeat instructions from previous sections as needed.
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Tooth Whitening

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Safety Data Sheet

  • SupportIn an emergency use the safety data sheet and call the bellow number.
  • MobileSDS Number: 1-800-255-3924
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